August 12, 2022

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This is how you reuse glass bottles!

The use of glass bottles as packaging material is becoming more and more popular these...

The use of glass bottles as packaging material is becoming more and more popular these days. That is not surprising because glass is sustainable and easy to recycle. In this blog we will discuss how you can reuse used glass bottles in your home.

Using vases in your home

Using glass jars as vases is becoming increasingly common. The nice thing about this is that you can put different sizes and shapes together in a group. You can fill the vases with real flowers, but you can also choose to use dried flowers. If you use dried flowers, you have a colorful piece of decoration in your home that costs almost no money. You can actually use any glass jar with a nice shape for this. The special jars of miron glass would also look nice as a vase. This glass is dark in color, but nowadays it fits seamlessly with the latest living trends.

Making candles

Do you want to give your used glasses a new function and do you like a do-it-yourself project? Then you can also choose to make candles yourself from your old glass jars. It’s very simple, you start by cleaning the jar. Then you choose a suitable candle. If you want to make the candle completely suitable, you can also choose to make the candle yourself. You do this by melting candles and putting a wick in your jar. Then pour in the melted candle wax and wait for it to dry. But for the easy way, you can also get a candle from the store that is about the same size as your jar.

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In addition to using the jars for decoration, you can of course also reuse them for products. Think, for example, of the wholesale glass dropper bottles. These bottles are easy to clean and reuse for another product that requires a dropper. Some products that come in a jar with a dropper have a special refill package for sale. In that case, you buy the refill package and refill the used bottle.

Zero-waste products

In the ecological supermarket you have the option to buy products such as liquid detergent, rice, and dry pasta without packaging. The idea is that you go get the food with your own jars and bowl. This way your food is packaging-free and you are automatically doing good for the environment. Read here more about this subject so you will make the right choice.